JGO Photography

Wildlife & Nature Fine Art Photography by Jennifer Gregory O'Donnell

Jennifer Gregory O’Donnell specializes in wildlife and nature photography. She learned to love both nature and photography from her parents. She has used her photography skills professionally over the years for marketing materials for clients and event photos for various organizations. It is only in the last few years, however, that she has focused on her true passion of wildlife and nature photography. Jennifer has won local, regional, and national awards for her work and has been seen in Outdoor Photographer. She has trekked to many state and national parks, as well as other locales nationally and internationally in search of interesting subjects. She has stood in hip-deep snow, waited for hours in and around meadows, forests, savannas, and various bodies of water, watched while frost formed on her camera bag in the pre-dawn hours, and even had a close-encounter with a wild Jaguar! Jennifer continues to venture out as often as she can, day and night, to try to capture those magical moments.
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